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Bruce, Caroline

More Literaturic Happy Memories

The remembering of the The Donkey sat Down book brought to mind another book that brings back very fond memories. It was a book by Charles Schultz called Home is on Top of a Dog House. As you can guess, it was about Snoopy. It was done by an organization in California called Twin Vision. It was a picture book, done in a format called print/braille. Basically what they do is chop off the binding of the book, and rebind it with the braille pages interspersed with the print. These guys took it one step further, and added tactile diagrams for most of the pictures. In case you couldn't figure the picutre out by touch, each was also described. It was a truly marvelous little book, and I loved it. I wish I could see it. I wonder if Twin Vision is still around. They used to also do a braille calendar each year. They don't anymore, but Bob, one of my co-workers, put together one of his own for 2007 and gave me a copy.


Bruce, Twin Vision is not around anymore, at least not under Twin Vision. I too got books from them. The name of the place is now the American Brotherhood for the Blind, or The Kenneth Jernigan Library, I'm not sure which. They still have good books.