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Bruce, Caroline

The Case of the Reluctant Disk

So yesterday, I decided I was going to burn all my Douglas Adams books
onto one CD for use with my Victor Reader. So I copy all the Vorbis
files into one directory and number them sequentially so Vic will read
them in the right order. I decide that, since I've already got a CD in
my CD drive, I'll burn the CD using my DVD burner, which, of course, can
also burn CD's. Fine, I grab a disk off the spindle, plop it into the
DVD burner, and away we go. The disk is burnt, and I slide it into the
Victor Reader. The Victor Reader spits it right back out at me. I again
slide it into the Victor Reader. The Victor Reader again spits it out at
me. I assume that I burned a coaster, so I toss it. I decide now to use
the actual CD-ROM drive to burn the CD, thinking that maybe, somehow,
the Reader didn't like a disk burned on a DVD drive. I take another disk
off the same spindle, place it in my CD drive, and attempt to burn. I
get an error. It says there's no disk in the drive. This I don't get at
all, since there clearly is a disk in the drive. I try a few times,
nothing. I reboot, try again. Nothing. Then it hits me, the reason why
the reader rejected the first disk and the reason my CD-ROM drive is
reporting no disk. The spindle I'd grabbed the disks off of was a
spindle of DVD's! The first burning I did had been with a DVD drive,
which of course worked. But the Victor couldn't handle DVD's, so spat
the disk out at me. Then when I tried burning a DVD ina CD drive, of
course I was going to get an error.

So I got a disk off of the correct spindle, and everything worked as it
should. End of story.


Ouch, that must have been frustrating, at least until you'd discovered which blank you had pulled. Honestly I haven't ever burned a DVD yet, just because I suppose the only thing that would play it would be the computer, unless any DVD player would run the thing, even if it were audio. But this house is full of mp3 CD players, so I tend to get CD blanks. Oh well, one of these days.