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The Case of the Reluctant Disk

So yesterday, I decided I was going to burn all my Douglas Adams books
onto one CD for use with my Victor Reader. So I copy all the Vorbis
files into one directory and number them sequentially so Vic will read
them in the right order. I decide that, since I've already got a CD in
my CD drive, I'll burn the CD using my DVD burner, which, of course, can
also burn CD's. Fine, I grab a disk off the spindle, plop it into the
DVD burner, and away we go. The disk is burnt, and I slide it into the
Victor Reader. The Victor Reader spits it right back out at me. I again
slide it into the Victor Reader. The Victor Reader again spits it out at
me. I assume that I burned a coaster, so I toss it. I decide now to use
the actual CD-ROM drive to burn the CD, thinking that maybe, somehow,
the Reader didn't like a disk burned on a DVD drive. I take another disk
off the same spindle, place it in my CD drive, and attempt to burn. I
get an error. It says there's no disk in the drive. This I don't get at
all, since there clearly is a disk in the drive. I try a few times,
nothing. I reboot, try again. Nothing. Then it hits me, the reason why
the reader rejected the first disk and the reason my CD-ROM drive is
reporting no disk. The spindle I'd grabbed the disks off of was a
spindle of DVD's! The first burning I did had been with a DVD drive,
which of course worked. But the Victor couldn't handle DVD's, so spat
the disk out at me. Then when I tried burning a DVD ina CD drive, of
course I was going to get an error.

So I got a disk off of the correct spindle, and everything worked as it
should. End of story.

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