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This Braille Math Course

A Poem Written in Utter Bitterness
By Me

This braille math course I'm going through
It really is a pain,
I don't know what I am to do
In order to stay sane.

How did I get me into this?
The answer is illusive,
I hate this course! You get the gist?
It's just so darned intrusive!

And yet I must keep slugging on,
Or my boss, he will kill me,
Or fire me! Hey, there's a thought!
... But one that doesn't thrill me.

At least I get to go home soon,
For fun and food and Skype,
And then, no Nemeth Code will I
Be forced to have to type.

There is a silver lining, sure,
But frankly I can't see it,
My rhyming skills are fading fast,
And so this line just won't.

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