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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

First, I want to thank everyone who's been answering my questions of the
day. I'll get to responding to comments soon, I promise.

Today's question: What's the weirdest dream you can remember having? We
all have nutty dreams, and some of us can remember them. What's the
weirdest for you?


All of my dreams are so weird. I guess the strangest one though is the one where my church had been transformed into a restaurant, and I was a waitress. I can't remember any of the strange menu items we had, but they were amusing. I guess that's one way of combining my love for God with my love for food. lol! Huge hugs!
a couple of years ago i had this dream that i was running through this harry-potter-style maze/obstacle course thingy. at the time the dream started there were 4 of us left competing: me, a kid i went to school with named jordan, and kate and jack from lost. now, this race we were doing was some sort of contest, and the goal was to come out of it alive. the four of us had reached a sort of dead end, when suddenly it closed off so we couldn't turn back, and the walls started closing in to crush us. we were all trying to figure out what to do, jack was trying to be pushy and kate was getting pissed off, so they weren't thinking clearly. i on the other hand, was busy feeling for some sort of trigger to stop it. as we were getting dangerously close to being crushed, lo and behold, i found a secret door! jack and kate were at the far side, but jordan was right there with me so i grabbed him and pulled him through the door, just before he would have been stuck and crushed! we found we were in an elevator tat started rushing us upwards towards something. there was the typical adventure movie "you saved my life!" dialogue, and it was turning sappy and love-story-ish, when suddenly the elevator doors opened, and there was a big crowd and a camera crew and everyone was cheering! apparently this had been some sort of twisted reality show, and as the sole survivors, jordan and i had won 5 million dollars! we celebrated, there was a kiss, whatever... and it was super weird. the weirdest part was that dream-me didn't even question the cruelty and immorality and illegality involved in a fight-to-the-death type of TV SHOW! it was a pretty kick-ass dream though, overall!
i really strange dreams that really creep me the fuck out. this one was probably the strangest up til the point i dreamt my friend Ev was in a car accident after he told me about it.

I was an observer to what looked like a trailer to a new movie. This was a fairy tale type trailer. In it there was a boy and he found something (like in Eragon) and he was debating on what to do with it. Then all of a sudden Robin Williams shows up dressed as the boy's fairy god mother or some such advising person. He tries to tell the boy that he should go on this quest to get rid of the object. In the middle of the rant Robin Williams goes 'poof' and another version of Robin Williams comes back this time dressed in White as the good ruler of this world who was forced into exile. He (existing as a she) begs the boy to go on this quest because she is running out of time in the world without the object being in the right place. Then at the end of this speech Robin goes 'poof' again. Another version of Robin appears this time as the evil person who rules the world and he tries to dissuade the boy from going on the quest. Then Robin goes 'poof' After all this the boy looks down at the object and it takes over him. A dragon pops up from the cliff that the boy is standing on. The dragon is black and when the boy climbs on the dragon suddenly can't fly. The dragon sinks in the air and he uses his mouth to grab the clif top and the boy appears again and he has a really nasty look on his face. Finally the dragon regains his balance and he flies of in the blue sky. The really strange part about this dream is that when I had it Robin Williams was in town attending a birthday party for a congress man.