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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

Today's question: Has something ever happened to you that to this day
you just can't explain? I mean, maybe there was a perfectly good
explanation, but you've no clue what that explanation might be?


other than the fact that bad things ALWAYS happen when my sister and i travel together? when i was in elementary school, i was doing a project about stars that required my mom and i to stand outside and just look at the sky. one day we were out there, and we saw a light near the horizon that appeared out of no where, made a squiggly flight pattern around the sky moving faster than i would have thought possible, then promptly disappeared again. i still don't know what it might have been! UFO? drunk firefly? who knows!
Well, besides the events of 16 days ago... let me think. One day, I discovered that I could sing, even though no one in my family has any vocal talent. Hugs!