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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

And today's burning question: Have you ever met, talked to, or
corresponded with someone who, to you, was a celebrity? If you have,
please do tell; if your answer is particularly juicy, then
definitely do tell.


I met, and was kissed by, Ephraim Zimblest JR., inspector Erskin on the TV series FBI. I was probably 14 or thereabouts. He had, (still does), the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. WE met him at what was then the Bing Crosby Golf Pro-Am tournament at Pebble Beach California. It's kind of a long story, but a bunch of us blind and partially sighted kids were allowed to meet some of the celebrities before they teed off. We met folks like Clint Eastwood, (gross), Jack Lemon, Glenn Campbell, Bing Crosby himself, (he was very very elderly when I met him), all kinds of celebrities. Anyway Mr. Zimblest liked me, and asked if I could meet him at the eighteenth hole. We did, but it wasn't as protected from the crowd as the tee-off point and there were autograph seekers everywhere. I was quietly standing there, feeling out of my depth and out of place as the crowd pushed towards Mr. Zimblest for an autograph. they were shoving me and I was trying to get out of there when Mr. Zimblest saw me, got quite angry at the crowd and said something like, "Would you please stop pushing this little girl? You're going to knock my little girl down."
I fell immediately and hopelessly in love, and it was eeven better after that when he hugged me tightly and kissed my hair.
I still love that man.
This kind of counts. I met Rose Marie Von Trap. She's the daughter of Maria and the Captain. Had no idea who she was for about ten minutes. Lol! Hugs!
i've had the good fortune to meet a number of celebrities! howard dean, levar burton, billy boyd, sean astin, john noble, david wenham, andy serkis, and howard shore! i've also met some people who wouldn't nessecarily be considered celebrities to many people besides myself, but that's okay. my favorite of them was probably andy serkis. he seemed really genuinely happy to be meeting so many fans that day, and he gives great hugs!