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How Not to Do an Internet Radio Show

Having been up late Saturday night, I slept late Sunday morning, not getting up until 12:30 or so. Problem was, I had to get my Internet radio show signed, sealed and delivered in time for Ken, the station owner, to download it and get it ready for broadcasting. Yikes, you might well say, and you'd be right. I put a lot of time, effort and TLC into making sure that my feeble attempts at Internet broadcasting aren't complete travesties. To this end, it was less than half an hour before airtime that I began uploading hour one of the show. Not good. Ken, our gracious station owner, did not get the show on time. We started about ten minutes late. Briliant, Brucie, just brillians. Had it not been for Ken, the whole thing would've been a disaster. As it was, the show met its usual mediocre standards, and aside from being a little late, went off without a hitchh. There was a point to this post. No idea what it was, though.

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