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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

Do you have any special or fond memories from the Easter season?


Oddly enough, my most vivid memory of Easter is an adult, when I had my own kids. Our church had a lot of military people-living near the Defense Language Institute and the former Fort Ord brought us wonderful folks, though it was always sad to see them move to their next duty station. Anyway one of these military families had a huge Easter egg hunt for all the church kids. Daughter#1 was 4 and I was pregnant with Daughter#2. The kids in our church were tight, I mean they genuinely loved each other and there were no cliques. It was so neat to watch those kids running around the yard looking for eggs, the big ones helping the little ones, everybody making sure that nobody had too many eggs, the bigger ones withdrawing on their own after a time to encourage the babies. It was fantastic. I'll never, ever forget it. Those children showed the true spirit of God that day.
I remember the first Easter I sang with the adult church choir. The kids choir had pretty much fizzled out of existance, and they gave me a solo. It was tiny, but in the moment, I felt as though as though God moved through me as I sang, helping me to sincerely convey the importance of the words that I was singing. It was really special. Such potent feelings of a direct connection to God always are for me. Huge hugs!