Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Could Art Bell be Right?

For years now, I have listened to Coast to Coast AM when I wanted a dose of things that are "way out there". Sometimes it can be thought-provoking, sometimes so absolutely ridiculous as to be the funniest thing on the radio.

But one of their pet subjects is time travel. I have always believed that time travel is impossible. This has been a strong conviction of mine ... until now.

Where the bloody heck has my week of vacation time gone? A whole week off, a week and a day if you count Good Friday, has turned into no time at all, and on Monday I'm expected to return to the salt mines! You're right, Art, I give up. Time travel is possible ... and it's a crying shame, a tribute to the inherent unfairness of things. But wait ... I would have thought the possibility of time travel and the possibility of winning the lottery were about equal. So ... maybe ... what's that Lotto 649 jackpot? If I win, everyone on my friends list gets a $5 Amazon gift certificate, $10 if you're really nice to me.

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