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Bruce, Caroline

Voice Post

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“Hi everyone, it's Bruce. I'm testing out the Auto Transcribe Feature, which apparently is supposed to allow transcription of messages under 3 mins. I don't know how that's gonna work. People don't tend to be able to understand me very well, let alone computers. So we'll just see what happens. But anyway, it's been a really good vacation so far, day 1 of course, so there's no, almost 2 weeks to go. I'm excited but I know by the time the 2 weeks are finished I will regret the fact that it was so short. but anyway, this is it for now, if anybody can actually read this, I'll be impressed, because I'm not so sure how clearly I'm speaking. Anyway, have a fantastic day, & always drink Coke.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post


Well it works fine, but I'd much rather listen to you because you are speaking wonderfully and you are much more pleasant to listen to than Eloquence.