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Bruce, Caroline

Rather Involved Question of the Day

I don't want anyone to think I'm trying to start a geneder war with this
question, but here goes.

A friend of mine and I frequently disagree on things. One of these was
an aspect of the nature versus nurture argument. My friend contends
that, in humans, the female is hard-wired to be kind, nurturing, loving,
and so on. Males, she contends, are hard-wired to be violent barbarians.
My contention is that people are people, and that as women achieve more
and more of the equality in society to which they have every right, one
of the negative side effects is going to be that the stereotypes will
start eroding. We'll see more and more of a tendancy among women toward
violence, crime, promiscuity, all those other things that we have
typically stereotyped as "male" traits. So far the stats seem to be
bearing this out. While women certainly have a lot of "catching up" to
do, crime among girls and women is on the rise, particularly violent
crime. You can't automatically assume anymore that in a domestic dispute
the woman is pure innocence while the man is pure guilt. More and more
women are not wanting long-term relationships in favor of something
called "hooking up", as I heard on the radio yesterday. I just think
people are people. When women were repressed, one of the things that was
repressed was the human tendency to be human. What think you?


As a woman who is completely NOT maternal and hates pink, I think people are people. I am a very masculine type woman while my fiance is very feminine in many ways. I reason much like a man stereotypically would and he reasons like a woman stereotypically. I have seen violent crimes in my neighborhood committed more often by women than men. I don't know what that means other than the stereotypes seem to be wrong! People are who they are no matter what gender.
i'm obviously very much behind on my F page, but I wanted to respond to this one. I've always said that people choose their own paths in life. you hear a lot of times people saying "Well he/she had a hard life growing up." Okay, this is true. However, in my opinion, you can choose to overcome that and turn into something else, something better. I've seen this happen with friends of mine. And, a person can come from the best family and turn out to be a criminal. It's the choices they make that create the situation. So, as it pertains to your question, going with my idea, I think that it really doesn't matter what gender a person is. If they're going to shop lift, get into a fight, or murder someone, the person is making that decision on their own, and I don't feel that there's any way to really categorize a specific type of people. So, in my convoluted way, I think I'm saying that i agree with you. SMILE!This can work just the opposite too. If men are supposed to be more barbaric, how can people explain the men that are sensative, loving and nurturing? Some people might say that those men are gay, but I honestly believe that they just choose to have that temperment. And personally, I've always liked the sensative type.
Knowing many of the things you've been through in your life, I can vouch for much of what you say here. A lot of people would have your history and use that history as justification for being a jerk. You have chosen to rise above that and become the wonderful person you are.