Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

If You Can't Stand the Heat, Part II

When I worked at CNIB, and I wanted a nice cold can of Coke, I had but to get up, turn around, open my office door, walk across the hall, open the door to the lunch room, and bingo, there was the Coke machine. Not so here. In this building the Coke machine is one floor up and across this office complex. I could bring a 24-pack of Coke, of course, but it gets warm.

Well, I went onto Ebay, and started a-searching. I found and bought a cute little portable fridge for $16. I put it behind me on top of a filing cabinet, brought a case of Coke to work, and voila. It's not ice-cold, but it's comfortably cool. I can handle this.

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