Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

A Comment on Comments

I encourage comments to my Live Journal entries from anyone who would care to make them. Yesterday it was pointed out to me that I was only accepting comments from people on my friends list. This was a genuine oversight on my part dating back to something that was going on in my life some months ago, but which has since been dealt with. The oversight has now been corrected, and I implement the following policy on comments: 1. As things stand right now the only comments that are screened by me before they are made live are anonymous comments. I will change this policy if circumstances require it. 2. No spam or offensive language will be permitted in this blog or in comments to entries. 3. While I, and anything I say, are fair game for any comments or flaming, I will not permit any flaming of my family or friends. 4. This is my blog, so if I see a need to violate this policy, I'm not violating the policy because of the provision you are now reading.

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