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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

Am I the only one who doesn't place the coming of the seventh Harry Potter book on a level with the second coming of Christ? (If you don't believe in the second coming of Christ, answer the spirit of the question if not the literal question itself.)


I've read the whole Potter series, though never on time. I'm not excited at all about book7's release. Sure I'll get it, sure I'll read it, but I'm not foaming at the mouth, nor will I stay up till midnight to hit the bookstores. With that said however, there is something very magical about Harry, particularly in the early books, that does draw one in and captivate one's imagination . The thing that irritates me about the series now is that the evil seems to be worsening in the main villain as the books move forward, which makes it more disturbing to read and somewhat annoying because no matter what Harry and gang do, the evil never goes away and Harry especially is hurt in many ways, more than the evil villain is.