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Bruce, Caroline

I Won't Say a Word about Harry Bleeping Potter

My new 250-gig hard drive arrived yesterday. So when I got home, I started copying the stuff from the drive I wanted to replace onto my external hard drive. This took around eight hours or so. Before that I updated the bios on my computer, just to be on the safe side, in case it might help me through any 137-gig barriers.

Then this morning I swapped the drives. Figuring out how to remove the old drive was a chore and a half, because of this weird bracketing system Del uses in this computer. Then I used the dispart program to partition the new drive and assign it a drive letter, then I formatted, and bingo! Tonight just before I go to sleep I'll start the process of transfering all the copied data back onto this new drive. I'm so proud of myself!



I'm getting paid not to do this.

But since they don't pay me 'til 9:30, they can deal with it. Dell does a lot of things right... but they miss the mark on... well, a lot of things. Like system organization. And... um... oh yeah. They probably won't let me bother the hell out of them about an external drive that has apparently decided not to work (more on that on my blog when it stops pissing me off). You're a step ahead of about 90% of the people that call in, though!

- James (http://www.the-jdh.com)