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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

Is there something that everyone else seems to absolutely love, but you just don't? For me it's coffee.


Apparently, listening to music at high volume seems to be the norm for my friends and loved ones, whereas I can't stand loud anything so often times I just don't listen at all... or if I do it is very very quietly.
A lot of people seem to like tea but for whatever reason I just don't. Usually the only time I drink tea is when I'm not feeling well.
I drank tea when I was in England, because it was almost drink tea or starve, but that was about it. Even then I had to load it with sugar and milk.
Oh, I've got a grocery list of things. First of all, foodwise, I think it's cheese. I love cheesecake and don't mind it on a pizza, but other than that, nope, don't care for it. Let's see. Rap music, techno, heavy metal, country music when you're a liberal city dweller, tearjerker novels and movies, so-called inspirational forwards. There, I think that's plenty to chew on.