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Posting by E-Mail

In theory this should work. FunBlindSinger suggested I read the FAQ, and it has proven to be invaluable. She's full of good suggestions. I, on the other hand, am merely full of it.

So now I can post via e-mail. Yowza. Or is it yowsa? Is there even such a word? Hmmm, according to it's yowzah, and came into existence in 1932. The things you learn at 5:29 in the morning. And, being me, I pass this valuable infomation on to you, the reader (assuming anyone reads these).

Now to contemplate the world's great questions: why do the Bombers stink all of a sudden? What does the future hold? Is there life on earth? Does bowling have a future in the grand scheme of things? What's God's plan for my life and when will He show it to me? Why did I bother looking up yowza in the dictionary? Why are there porcupines? Why do people still use Fahrenheit? Will we get cool weather any time soon? If a cat always lands on its feet and bread always lands butter-side down, what happens if you tie a piece of bread butter-side up to the back of a cat? What would chairs look like if our knees bent the other way?

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