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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

What is, to you, the most significant historical event for which you have thus far been alive? What is your strongest memory of that event?


Probably 9/11. I recall being at work that morning and listening to the radio (CJOB). I was confused at exactly what was happening...then, someone in the office called everyone in to watch what was going down on his television set. I watched both buildings crumble and remember losing my breath. I was shocked...I was saddened. I knew from that moment on that the world would never be the same.
I was listening to CJOB as well, in my office. I heard larry breaking in on the sports to say that a plane had crashed into the tower, and my first thought was, "Talk about bad piloting."

current event

The cop out answer, ofcourse, is 9/11, as it has had a profound effect on world history. What I most remember about it is how I went about my work absolutely as if nothing had happened while the world around me watched television, and spent the next week self-righteously patriotic.
I think for me, the shuttle challenger disaster is the first historically sugnifficant event I remember. What I most remember was that I was in school having just received a brand new Versabraille II. I could hear the television on in the school library, and I could hear the tone of voices of the newscaster, though not what was being said. I asked my vision instructor to go in and see what the deal was, and she came back to tell me the challenger had exploded.
I remember walking through the halls of junior high and hearing the announcement on the pa system.
It wasn't a 9/11 ofcourse, but it did set our space program back at least two years, and the entire event was preventable. If you've never read the reports of how the challenger disaster happened, you should.
For me, other than the obvious 9/11, would be the tearing down of the Berlin wall. I had just been in Berlin 3 years before and had seen the wall and so this was a pretty major thing for me as a 12 year old. It was also the first time I really understood anything about world issues, politics or anything like that.