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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

We all belong to some group or other: at the least we belong to a specific country. What is the most annoying stereotype people have about one of the groups of which you are a part? Pick any group to which you belong and give me the most annoying stereotype about that group.


I belong to a group that I will call "Punks" because I have purple hair and listen to heavy metal and punk rock music. Many people, when they meet me, assume that I am irresponsible and rude because of my hair color. This annoys me to no end because I am probably one of the more polite persons they will meet!
native americans and blind people are lazy.
Hmm. There are several categories I could talk about on this one, and I'm having a hard time coming up with which one to use. I think though that I'm going to use the blind group thing. I don't remember if I told this story on my journal or not, so hopefully it's not a repeat. So, about twelve years ago I was walking through a mall trying to get some shopping done. This lady came up to me and grabbed my arm. My first impulse was, of course, to try to pull away. She held on though and started asking me where my dog was. "You people always have dogs.: So on and so forth. I told her that I didn't have a dog but she kept insisting that I must have left it at home because we always use dogs. I finally managed to pull my arm out of her grasp, and as I walked away she was yelling after me that I shouldn't have pulled away and that next time she saw me she wanted me to have my dog with me. I just totally couldn't believe her nerve, and the fact that she seemed to feel that I wasn't smart enough to know whether I owned a dog or not. SMILE!

So, that's my story. Now I'm off to find some food!
Oh you just want to perpetuate the stereotype that blind people eat. How dare you! Great story.
I could give the stereotypical response about being part of the blindness community, but I won't. I just hate it when people assume that just because I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan that I'm automatically excentric. My roommate, Jesse's aunt knows this woman who is blind and she thinks this woman is god's gift to the blind community. Personally, I think that she's a few tacos short of a combo platter, and, when I relayed this opinion, Jesse's aunt said, and she was dead serious, that I have no right to have opinions about anyone's sanity because I'm a Michael Jackson fan. She really wasn't joking.