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Bruce, Caroline

I Guess Old Habits Die Hard

Well, I had applauded the self-titled accessibility evangelist for promising to back off from the African-American analogy when it comes to the blind not being allowed to sign up for Yahoo without entering the characters in the image. I guess I was a little hasty. I saw on his blog today an article about a podcast to which he had sent an e-mail about this issue. Waht was the first analogy he used? You guessed it, the African-American analogy. I hate to tell you this, Mr. Accessibility Evangelist, but Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did not give his life that all may access Yahoo.



Amen, Coke Drinker!

Hey Bruce, just wanted to say I'm with you all the way. Discrimination between different races and the inaccessibility of some websites are completely different issues. Often my friends have told me very sad but true stories of other blind people taking things that people say or do to unfounded extremes. For example, they may get offended at the smallest comment that the person makes. I guess this is one example--the blind person in question, who I'm guessing might run the Blind Access Journal--clearly thinks the same way as these others, who take things to ridiculous extremes.

My keyboard has a few strange buttons on the back without labels that I can read. I don't know what they are, but obviously they were put there to openly torture me as a blind person. It's really similar to the citizens of Iraq, who have bombs reigning down upon their heads as part of the American-Iraq war. OK, I'm kidding.