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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

Let's face it, the subject of climate change is the sexy topic of the
2000's. Asc two equally-reputable scientists the cause, and one will
offer a very convincing argument for it being human-made, the the other
will offer a very convincing argument that it's natural, cyclical, or
the product of some pattern. All opinions are valid, what is yours?


I think that it's a combination of both. There are undeniably things which society at large have done to unknowingly enact some level of change in the climate, but I also believe that some aspects of the climate, like all things in nature, tend to follow some semblence of a pattern. I believe that the actions of members of society may very well be serving to hasten the stages of the pattern, and I haven't decided yet how I feel about all of that. I'll save that oppinion for another long-winded comment. Lol! HCH!
I think I'm also mixed on the subject. I just think saying it's absolutely one thing or the other is too simplistic. The problem is very complex, and the way I see things, you can't get easy answers from very complex problems. That being said, I tend to side more with those who think it's a natural cycle, although I'll not deny that we as humans are polluters and should do what we can to reduce putting nasty substances in the air and land and water. It's just hard for me to imagine that all this climate change is absolutely only our fault. Sounds like extremist doctrine to me and I just don't play that.


Realistically, it's probably a combination of factors. I think it's mainly due to humans, because humans are, after all, dirty, selfish creatures who suck the life out of everything they get their hands on. Well, maybe not exactly. :) But I do think humans are having a huge effect on their environment, and doing very little to maintain the natural balance of nature.