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Bruce, Caroline


Why, on mailing lists, do people have to send two, three, four messages
about one off-topic message? Then someone else responds to each of the
messages about the off-topic message, and the two people start
chit-chatting about off-topic messages they have known, how much better
off-topic messages used to be than your modern off-topic message, which
countries produce the best off-topic messages in broken English, how
people should check the rules about off-topic messages, a
counterdiscussion about what constitutes an off-topic messages, a rant
about how the list owner should change the definition of what
constitutes an off-topic message, ten people agreeing and ten people
disagreeing with the rant, a panel discussion about how a competing
list's list-owner does so much of a better job of moderating the list,
another panel discussion about how much better a job this list's
list-owner does than the competing list, a third panel discussion
debating which of the other two panel discussions is most accurate,
three requests to be unsubscribed and another ten to be unscribed, and
at least three people wondering where you can download Off-Topic and is
it free? That's three hundred off-topic messages about one off-topic


Okay! You got me laughing. this is a good thing. So did you actually count all these to come up with 300? I didn't, but even so, you've totally described email lists. Of course though, you already knew that so I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know. Okay, I'm going to stop rambling now. Later. *HUGS*
Glad I made you laugh. 300 is an arbitrary, though sadly not-too-far-off, number. And yeah, I'll admit I've been guilty of it too sometimes. *HUGS*
The one you need to add to the list is the people who send requests to be unsubscribed to the wrong address, when clearly it's stated how in the blurb at the bottom of the messages. I guess maybe the ones you were talking about are people who actually ask to be unsubscribed, or "unscribed", yes, I saw that one time too. when someone did that on my list I clearly told them that the information was at the bottom of the messages and I will not hold their hands. They new how to get on the list and it's just as easy to leave, so don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Oops, did I just put that last part in there? the list owner's club will kick me out for sure. LOL!
I was too busy applauding you. I remember that incident.
Reminds me about the bit about how many e-mail list members it takes to screw in a light bulb. Oh, you should also not forget the several threads concerning the spelling and grammar of a few listers. And in the middle of that, one lister who never posts sends a friendship forward and a chicken-soup story where some character has to be killed off to prove the moral of the story, which is followed by another obscure poster sending a twenty-seven-times-warmed-over virus hoax. LOL!
Lol! I feel your pain sweetie. That's why I don't read most of my list mail. HCH!