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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day: Weekend Edition

Complete this sentence. Life isn't like ..., because ...


Man, you're in good form this week. Except in the area of meaninful speeches, at least.
Gee, thanks! I kind of think my form is pretty good!
Anyway, I found my speech...
Fourscore and seven years ago... oh crap... that's Abe's speech. I was holding it for him and he never came back and got it...
Too busy attending plays, was he?
Yeah... I think he may have gotten stuck in a booth at the theater...

Or maybe in the john.
Oh no... I have no smart ass comment to supply! My first official day of work has left me completely brain dead! But to your comment.... GROAN! GRIN!
Now, off to bed to get ready for another day of picking up dog poo, cat throw up and lots and lots of animal hair... and I love it!!!!
I just got hired as a vet tech at an animal hospital... my first real job and I am 34 years old! Needless to say, I am dead tired and don't really want to ever stick another thermometer in the wrong end of any animal again, but, I love my job and I hope in 30 years I am retiring after 30 years as a vet tech!!
Well, congratulations on getting the job. HUGS
thanks! For the congratulations and the hugs!