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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

You're on a desert island. You've established what the three things you
would take with you would be. What three things are you glad
you'll never see again?


1. The knuckle-dragging thug who used physical violence to make sure I only took three things and not one thing more. Dammit, what's the big deal?
2. The schmuk who convinced me that really I'd prefer a desert island with my designated three choices to my own home with its wider array of choices.
3. the bozo who forgot to put some way of accessing the internet on the island since I specifically designated a solar-powered laptop computer as one of my three items! Get me off of this damn island!
And people wonder why I enjoy doing these questions of the day so much.
Well, glad I could help. I think part of it is nobody seems to have the guts to parody the whole hypothetical desert island question when it comes up, and to me, such questions these days end to be kind of both dull and silly. For example, when you're gathering your designated nnumber of designated favorite things, is there some muscle-bound oaf looking over your shoulder ready to tackle you if you exceed the limits? Plus, why would you want to be stranded anywhere remote no matter how many favorite things you had with you when home would be much more desirable? Guess I'm just a freak amongst humans because I don't spend most of my time wishing I were someplace other than where I was or wishing I was somebody I wasn't or generally being dissatisfied over my life, if in fact I actually have one. Hmmm, how can a person be alive and not have a life, as if one has to go to some great life market and get one? hahahahahaha! Yeah, I could only afford the cheaply-made lives and they'd always break down right after the warranty ran out, plus they were a waste of battery power. LOL!