Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

A Tip to Make Your Day nicer and Nicer and Nicer

I picked this up from the owner of a Chinese restaurant we used to have
in Altona. The guy was such fun to be around, you could go to this
restaurant just for the company. Thankfully the food was also

If you are drinking a can of pop (yes, pop), and you want to use a
straw, you may find that the straw likes to float up to the top of the
can (of pop, that's what I said, pop). this can be annoying. To best
deal with this situation, what you do is when you open the can, pull the
ring-pull all the way back, so the ring is over the hole of the can.
Then put the straw into the can, via the ring-pull. The ring-pull
applies just enough pressure on the straw to hold it in and in place.
It's a great system.

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