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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

Are eight-track tapes going to make a comeback and re-revolutionize the
consumer electronics industry?



eight trak tapes and the consumer industry

The eight track tape will not make a come back and revolutionise the consumer industry, but blind people will start recording on them at half speed to create the next generation of talkingbook.

Re: eight trak tapes and the consumer industry

You know, I can almost picture that happening, too.
Um, no. They're going to make a totally new 64-track tape, oh wait, tapes are out, um, optical disk or something then, and it's going to totally revolutionize the digital age. SMILE! *HUGS*
But it won't be nearly as good as Beta. *HUGS*
The NLS talking book program is so incredibly ass-backwards, that I can actually see them putting the idea of using an 8 track tape forward. Everyone else in the world is using these really cool digital talking books, but because they aparently think we're stupid, we still have to use old tapes. bla to that!!!!
All I want is to somehow be able to access NLS stuff even though I'm a lowly Canadian.
I will admit they do have a hell of a lot of good books, so I'm sorry you aren't able to access them, it really sucks. I just wwish they'd come up with a more modern way of distributing them. Fast forwarding and rewinding through a tape is really sloooow.
I sure as heck hope not.
You eight-track-aphobe!
Oh, you have it all entirely wrong! Here's what's really going to happen. They, whoever They might be, will be re-introducing the Edison wax cylinder to the general audio marketplace, but it'll be all digital and so will the player. Hehehe!
In all seriousness, NLS is working on developing a digital talking book using Flash cards I believe and I'm told they'll start implementing things in 2008. You might want to check with your talking book libraries, Toonhead and others, to find out more, as I might avhe some facts wrong. But my impression is that they'll start actual production of players and content come next year to make the transition from cassette to digital.