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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

What is the world's worst-sounding instrument, in your view?


clarinette or however you spell it.
Hmm. While sitting in band practice when I was in school between 5th and 8th grade, I probably would have said the saxophone. There's nothing worse than the honk of a sax from someone who's first learning to play it. Now though, I really am not sure. I think that, played well, all instruments can sound good. *HUGS*
Even the bagpipes? *HUGS*
Good point. I forgot about those. SMILE!
This is a hard one, but I'd vote for the violin... when played by a beginner; sounds like someone torturing a cat!
I'm going to have to agree that really, any instrument played badly will sound bad, and played well will sound good, even the bagpipes or accordion. Sometimes they can make for an interesting contrast if cast into a genre you usually don't hear them in, like bagpipes on an AC/DC song, and they did use them once on a song. Now, although I really love electronic music, I loathe techno and most of its ugly stepbrothers and sisters, because for one thing, they depend on this one particular electronic kick-drum sound that I think came from a Rolland 808 drum machine. It produces a tone of about 50 hertz, or a low A or A-Flat on a keyboard. The incessant thump-thump-thump of that sound is just annoying and mechanical, like a piledriver. Ugh!