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Bruce, Caroline


Just a reminder to my American friends, Corner Gas debuts on WGN tonight,
Monday, at 7:00 Central, 8:00 Eastern, 5:00 Pacific.


I don't think our cable company gives us that channel unless it's on digital which we won't have. Shoot, I still need to go to your archive and download what you ahve of the show now to see what it's like.
I'll do my absolute best not to forget to tune in. SMILE! *HUGS*
*SMILE* I've a funny feeling you'll remember. *HUGS*

Corner Gas

I was able to DVR the first two eps from last night, and at first I didn't really like the show. However, its sorta growing on me. Any idea if/when these will be released on DVD here in America?

The Maddawgg

Re: Corner Gas

the first three seasons are already out and you can find them through Amazon. Season four comes out on DVD on the eightenth. Seasons two through four include the described video.