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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

What was the most inappropriate time you've ever fallen asleep?


one time i was in class and i was really tired. i was trying to stay awake but i kept briefly falling asleep.
Hmm. I'm thinking fourth grade science class. I was bored, so I put my head down and fell asleep. Remind me sometime to tell you the rest of that story. SMILE!!!!! *HUGS*
You can tell me tonight. I look forward to it. I'm guessing you got caught? *HUGS*
Oh yeah, I got caught ... in a really big way ... SMILE!
I fell asleep in my "biology of women" course, while we were discussing ovarian cancer, I think, well, of course I can't say for sure (smile). It was bad because we had a guest speaker. In my defense, I'd been up since six, and it was noon and I was trying to exist on chips and the remnants of soda from the night before.
On the back of a horse in my college equestrian course waiting for my turn to practice a riding test.