Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Voice Post: An Interesting Weekend On Vacation!

616K 3:06
“Since I've finally had a chance to hear my newest LJ friend's voice, I thought I'd take the liberty to transcribe this voice post for him since I guess Mister Auto Transcriber is also taking a vacation himself from transcribing and hasn't done it yet lol! Well, in this particular voice post, brucetola talks about his adventures so far. When he went to leave yesterday morning, his suitcase fell apart so he had to patch up that little snag. Then, while he thought his train or bus or whatever means of transportation he was taking on this trip left at 9:15 AM, he then came to find out that it wasn't leaving till 10:30! So this hour and 15 minutes of waiting gave him a chance to go eat a lovely breakfast of some hash browns, sausage, chocolate milk, and I forget but it seems there was something else in there too. Then, he caught his transportation at 10:30 and slept most of the way up there, as he had quite a late night the previous night and didn't get much sleep! Then, he arrived, and lets see here, while he does have a room, the room service isn't the brightest bulb on the tree. They don't start till 10:00 at night and to top it all off, they messed up his dinner order and it costs an arm and a leg! Not only that, but he doesn't have Internet access because where his room is, well, it's on the restricted side of the building that doesn't have Internet capabilities. And Grrr his BS device or whatever it is for his Victor Streem is corrupted so all of the books he had downloaded for the trip are unfortunately inaccessible to him! So if anything, this weekend is turning out to be an interesting one at that and he may come back to voice post as the weekend goes on to keep everybody updated on his vacation and his adventures!”

Transcribed by: celrock

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