Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Voice Post: Updating

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“In this particular voice post, brucetola talks about his day. After spending some time on the phone, he took a nap. Then, he woke up, which is something you usually do after taking a nap and talked some more on the phone this afternoon. He's really not a sight seeing kind of guy so he just relaxed in the hotel room cause he really enjoys doing that! Then, this evening, he went out for dinner at this little delli place close by and while he had some hotdogs that weren't all that special, the chicken and wild rice soup was basically to die for! Mmmm delicious as what it would say in my LJ lol! Then, he ran by the bank, got a couple of hundred bucks out, grabbed a bunch of Cokes, and is now back in his room! And most importantly, the Bombers are winning their football game! And that brings us up to the present, so he wishes everybody is having a fantastic day and is doing whatever they do on fantastic evenings because if they're not doing what they normally do on fantastic evenings, then I guess it can't be fantastic lol! And well, then he says to take care and goodbye and ends his post.”

Transcribed by: celrock

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