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The hotel I'm at is attached to The
Shooting Star Casino
in Minnesota. I'm not a gambler, maybe a coin here
or there, whatever, but we get these trips cheap as bus tours. So my
roommate and I take them from time to time. No wireless (or any other, as
far as I know) Internet here, so I'm storing these posts in my outbox until
I get home on Sunday evening for posting at that time.

The first time we came here, back in 1993 if you can believe it, the shampoo
was in these little packets that looked like the ketchup containers you get
at McDonald's. So fine, I took my shower, shampooed with this stuff, and all
was well with the world.

Fast forward ahead to Labor Day of that same year. We're back here again,
and I'm about to step into the shower. I look through the little basket of
stuff on the vanity, and find a packet that looks the same as my shampoo
packet from back in May. Great. I've got my shampoo, the water is warm, and
I'm in it.

I open the packet and douse my hair with it. Funny, this stuff isn't
lathering. Is it just really hard water? I try again, still no lathering.
Flipper-Farts, this is annoying. Well, I scrub this tenth-rate shampoo out
of my hair, climb out of the shower, and it's only when I show the empty
packet to my roommate sometime later that I discover that they are now
putting the shampoo into little shampoo bottles, and I have just tried
shampooing my hair with hand cream. Well, I now had the softest hair in the
country. And a lesson had been learned. I'm not quite sure just what that
lesson was, but I learned it.

The moral of the story? Um ... Uh, well, let's see now. Moral. Moral. I
guess there isn't one.

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