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Bruce, Caroline

A Good Business Experience

You hear so much these days about bad experiences people have had with
one company or another. Well, I just wanted to talk about a really
terrific experience I had with Audible, a downloadable audiobooks

I had had an account with Audible for quite some time, but a few months
ago decided to cancel. I had six download credits remaining, and was
advised that I would lose these credits, should I cancel. So, eyes open,
I canceled.

I have recently purchased a Victor Reader Stream. They are promising
Audible support at some point. So I decided to reestablish my Audible

On the advice of kittytech, I e-mailed Audible customer
support. I told them that I understood they were under no obligation,
but asked if, nonetheless, they would be willing to restore the six
credits that had been taken away from me. I got an e-mail today, telling
me that as a one-time courtesy, in appreciation for my signing up again,
they would be happy to restore those credits.

This is a great example of customer service as it should be, and I just
thought it deserved recognition here.



I agree. Audible has always been great when I've had to call customer support . They are a great company. Can't wait to use my Stream with audible books. Still have a Bookport but it would be nice to use one thing for all reading.
This is good to hear. I'm glad you got your credits back. Now whatcha gonna buy me? {grin}
Same thing I bought you last year.
Why thank you sir, I accept it with pleasure. *grin*