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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

Complete this sentence. Someday, I have just got to get my hands
on ...


My divorce decree, a brail note, B. The list is endless. hahahahahahaha!
some sanity! or a brand new car! or a decent job! or viggo mortensen! i mean... what? who said that? wasn't me, don't give me that "i totally know you're lying" look with your fonts! i'm innocent until proven guilty! this is america! i know you're in canada, but i am in america, so there! and i'm outraged by these false accusations! i want a lawyer, and i'm not saying anything else until i get one!
You're a riot! *HUGS*
well, i aim to please! *returns hugs*
That is probably one of the most loaded QOTD that you have ever asked. I could anser this any number of ways. But since you are a family friendly journal, and since I am, unless I've had too much exposure to George Takei or Ray Foushee, (I have had too much of both lately), a clean minded Christian prude, I'll answer it this way.
Someday, I have got to get my hands on a Braille display that is mine so I can read my web Braille and Bookshare booksin actual braille.