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Well, tomorrow (that would be October 8, for the numerically challenged) is Thanksgiving here in Canada. This year I get to have two Thanksgivings, as I'll also be celebrating American Thanksgiving this year.

My brother picked me up at around 10:30, thus interrupting a perfectly lovely Skype conversation. But he took me to my mom's, and a wonderful lunch was had of potatoes, ribs and meatballs. Super-yummy! I sat down on the love seat in the living room and promptly fell asleep for most of the afternoon. I woke up and talked to my family. I really am blessed with a wonderful family, you know. Then there was a light supper, which consisted of buns with butter, peanut butter, cheese, you name it, plus cold cuts and a whole myriad of desserts.

My nephew drove me home this evening, and I got to finish up the Skype conversation I'd started. All in all, a wonderful day.
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