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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

How is your life different now from the way it was one year ago today?


well, i looked back in my lj and read some october entries. i'm less depressed now, less stressed out, and less sick. i spent the majority of the month of october sick enough to have to miss classes and go to doctors and stuff. so far this october is going better. i'm also not in school and stage managing a play with an asshole director.
i still have a lot of improvements to try and make, but overall things are better now.
On the down-side, Renee, my retired guide, was with me this time last year. However, I had not moved into my house last October, and was in the middle of a lot of packing, hurry scurry chaos. I'm definitely in a better place, physically and mentally.
Well, I'm older, fatter, more tired,am dealing more with back pain and the "Rhumatizz," probably poorer, and who knows if I am wiser, but I am ok. Things will eventually get better so no worries. Big smilie face! LOL!