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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

If you could pick three people from your LJ friends list, and have an
all-expense-paid week's time with them, who would they be and what would
you want to do?


Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce!
What are you trying to do here, make me think or what?
You ask the hardest QOTD, just when I think you cannot possibly pick a harder one you go and do just that.
Not only do I have to pick three people, but I also have to pick three I think would enjoy each other.
And then I don't know if you want me to pick three folks I've never met before, or if I can pick someone I've met and would love to see again.
Bruce, Bruce, Bruce!
Three people!
I love Yorkshire_tea beyond distraction, platonically of course-he is the brother I wish I had. WE met back in 2005 in person when we went to New York, he, my whole family and his girlfriend. We've been net friends for about six years before that
And I think that hhe and I would both have a brilliantly awesome time with the most magnificent of all Canadians, the dapper and debonair Brucetola, and that giggly and fantastic Tazcat. I think that Bruce and Allan would get along famously because they've both got that off the cuff humor. And Miss Caroline and I would have a lot to say to each other, and everybody would get along!
Where would I take them and what would I do if all expenses were paid for a week?
I would suggest San Francisco, it's a city with a personality all its own, it's close to the ocean, has good sea food, lots of places to walk, good hiking trails outside the city, all kinds of chocolate, and of course the cable cars.
After all, we all have to be together for a week, right?
I think it'd be fun!
i would probably gather up some of my LOTR fangirls (halieta, riddlemesphinx, and funblindsinger, because i feel that they'd all probably get along with each other for a week) and head to new zealand to tour shooting sites and stalk peter jackson. or, you know, maybe not the stalking part. except really, yes stalking.