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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

At what price?


At what price? That depends on what we're talking about selling or buying. There are some things that I wouldn't pay a single penny for, but there are other things that are priceless. I can think of one priceless thing that I'd never sacrifice no matter what ...

Ah, pork tenderloin. I agree, never sacrifice that. *HUGS*
Dost thou lie awake at nights, planning thy question of the day for thy friends?
Hast thou nothing better to do, dearest Bruce, than to come up with these difficult QOTD, which thy loving friends have such difficulty with?
Thou art, fine Bruce, a special gentleman; we care for thee, prize thy presence in our lives, but thou dost cause the minds of thy followers much pain.
AT what price?
Ah, wouldn'tst thou love to know?
If I didn'tst want to know, I wouldn'tst have ask-ed, wouldst I have?
Ah, darn it! You figured us out! And this whole time we thought we were being so sneaky about it. SMILE! Actually, I had absolutely NOTHING to do with this one! SMILE!