July 6th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline

Thank You, Central Air Conditioning!

29 degrees outside and rising. For my wonderful American friends using the antiquated system, that's 84.2 Fahrenheit. But you'd never know it here, as the beauty of central air conditioning makes itself abundantly known in our apartment.

Had a great time with my mom yesterday. We talked, ate dinner, talked some more. It was great. Then off to MSN Messenger to chat. That was my evening. My day so far has consisted of me going down to get the mail and chatting on Skype. This is my kind of holiday!
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Bruce, Caroline

Imbedding HTML In Posts

Just wondering if you can imbed HTML code into these messages, so I figured the best way was to try it. So, um:

My home page is at www.ogts.net. My radio show, which should be required listening in schools, hospitals, churches and mental assylums, and which also can be podcasted and stuff like that, is found at www.totw.net. There. if this is a total mess, then no, you can't imbed HTML code in these messages. ARen't you glad you took the time to read this?
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