August 9th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline

Another Wednesday Morning

Another Wednesday morning, and here I am, sitting at my desk, wondering what surprises this day is going to hurl at me. Hopefully my volunteers will both be able to make it today. If I get this new job, I won't have too many more chances to work with them, and my volunteers are the best.

In so many ways I feel like a horse that has a harness around it and is being lifted onto a ship by the harness - utterly powerless, utterly in no control of my destiny, and having no clue what that destiny is. Powerlessness is a nasty business, and my heart goes out to any horse that's ever been loaded onto a ship as described.
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Bruce, Caroline

Made It!

Made it through the day. My volunteers both showed up. Still nothing on the job front. Had a lovely chat on the phone over my lunch hour. Thanks for lifting my spirits, Allison, and helping me get through an afternoon of boring proofreading. So pretty soon it's off for home.
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