August 11th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline

Posting by E-Mail

In theory this should work. FunBlindSinger suggested I read the FAQ, and it has proven to be invaluable. She's full of good suggestions. I, on the other hand, am merely full of it.

So now I can post via e-mail. Yowza. Or is it yowsa? Is there even such a word? Hmmm, according to it's yowzah, and came into existence in 1932. The things you learn at 5:29 in the morning. And, being me, I pass this valuable infomation on to you, the reader (assuming anyone reads these).

Now to contemplate the world's great questions: why do the Bombers stink all of a sudden? What does the future hold? Is there life on earth? Does bowling have a future in the grand scheme of things? What's God's plan for my life and when will He show it to me? Why did I bother looking up yowza in the dictionary? Why are there porcupines? Why do people still use Fahrenheit? Will we get cool weather any time soon? If a cat always lands on its feet and bread always lands butter-side down, what happens if you tie a piece of bread butter-side up to the back of a cat? What would chairs look like if our knees bent the other way?
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Bruce, Caroline

I'm an Idiot

I broke it!, as FunBlindSinger would say. I'm working on my Nemeth course from home. In an attempt to update my JAWS scripts for the Duxbury translator, which I'm using, I went and tried to install the DBT service pack. Which, of course (because I did it, you see), now causes Duxbury to crash. Bleh. Luckily, there's this freeware program called Perky Duck (Duxbury has a duck fixation, you see) which allows quick and dirty six-key braille input, so I'll braille the ruddy thing on that, and apply the DBT styles and codes and assorted formatting crap at work. Does the fun ever end?
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Bruce, Caroline

Vanity of Vanities, All Is Vanity

Solomon, or whoever it was who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes, was right in Ecclesiastes 1:2 when he wrote the words in my subject line. Okay, so he probably meant something totaly different, but hey, we'll call my taking him out of context political license.

Why? Well, here I am, listening to my stupid radio show just because I can. I'm not fond of vanity, but like so many things in life, that which I dislike in others is something of which I myself am guilty. Go figure. Stupid me. Oh well, I guess my stupidity can't be helped.
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