August 15th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline


I think the stress of the last little while is finally starting to catch up with me physically. My body rebels. Ever been hit by a truck covered in poison ivy? I wish I felt that good. FunBlindSinger says I need to exercise more, and she's right ... I'll do it, starting Monday, when I get back from my min vacation - possibly the last one of those I'll get for a while if I am lucky enough to get the job I've applied for.

Just set up a separate savings account for a certain purpose, I have automatic deposites hapening monthly. I did some research into what I'm saving up for, and feel comfortable that I'm taking the right course on this. When the time comes I'll be able to afford it comfortably. Oh happy day. This will be helped by all the money I'm saving from not raiding the Coke and junk food machines like I did.

Another late night working tonight. I need to hear something incredibly wonderful, and I need to hear it soon ... I need some good news.
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