August 22nd, 2006

Bruce, Caroline

Who Reads These Anyway?

I love writing in my LJ. Why? Why not. No, really, why not? Honestly, why not? Oh, all right. Because, that's why. But I'm curious as to who, if anyone, reads this drivel. I know a few people do, and as a guy who has simply got the best friends in the world, I'm grateful. But I *am* curious. Charles Adler taught me the value of asking the off-the-beaten-path questions. Well, this is no such question, it's just a simple one. Who are you, and won't you please say hi by leaving a comment? As we say in French, je woulder appreciater pour vous to introducer votre self to me-ment. thank you, Mr. Friesen, for those four oh-so-valuable years of high school French. Look where they got me? I could, you know, be a translator for Jean Chretien! Now wouldn't that be something?

Tuesday morning loometh, so I'm off to get some sleep befor it doth.
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Bruce, Caroline


Once upon a morning dreary,
Body aching, mind so bleary,
Loath to make my feet descend onto my bedroom floor,
My head is really aching,
And some pills I should be taking,
But I think, no need, the ache will soon be gone forevermore.

And so I don my clothing,
And my headache I'm stil loathing,
Did I drink too much last night - oh, the proverbial "night before"?
But no, that can't be it,
Because I don't drink, not a bit!
So that cannot be the reason that my head's so very sore!

I stumble down twelve flights of stairs,
My heart free of all woes or cares,
My head reminding me that all's not perfect as before,
For the pain is really stabbing,
And my temples I am grabbing,
I feel like a dead fish that has been washed up on the shore.

At work I can't give in
To the agony I'm in,
My volunteer I cannot with my headache stories bore,
For no one wants to hear it:
Give your head a shake, Bruce, clear it!
For time will soon you to your normal happy self restore.

Well, my headache's finally gone,
And so I can now move on
To the day and all the things that in it for me are in store,
If you did not like this tale,
Found it just a little stale,
Ignore this LJ entry, then, for now, and evermore.
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Bruce, Caroline

Anyone Know Anything about the Friends Feature?

Just a quick question to anyone who knows more than I do, which includes, roughly speaking, everybody. Does anyone happen to know why my friends page takes something just beyond forever and a day to load? Is it only happening to sweet lovable me, or is it happening to everyone else too?
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