August 28th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline

An Update

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on what's going on in my life.

Still nothing on the job front. I'm really starting to fear they found someone else for the position, though I'd honestly like to know who out there's better qualified for it than I am at the moment. I mean, I'm not one of the world's greatest proofreaders, and I certainly know it, but I'm no slouch at what I do either, and it's not as though there's a whole gaggle of certified proofreaders with ten years' experience and extensive computer knowledge just waiting in the wings. We're not exactly a dime a dozen. The "Who's Who of Braille Proofreading", if such an animal exists, is going to be a rather small pampflet, I should think.

Aside from that, let's see. Today I get a new computer at work, running Windows XP and having, get this, a whopping 512MB of Ram. It doesn't sound like much, but when you've been limping away on 256 MB, ot's a Godsend.

Had a delightful chat with FunBlindSinger last night. Allison, you always know how to make me smile, thank you.

And, let's see, the Bombers are still losing, but I've given up the "no shaving until the Bombers win" crap; they still haven't come up with Coca-Cola-flavored vegetable juice, darn it; I still haven't found a good reason for the existence in nature of porcupines; Douglas Adams is still dead (as is Elvis, I hate to break it to you, folks); I'm hanging in there at an emotional level, though my emotional knuckles are turning white; and pigs have yet to grow antlers. That about sums things up for me these days.
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Bruce, Caroline

Looks like I'm Still in the Running

I got a phone call this morning from HR over at the Department of Education. This nice lady was very apologetic, and told me that they had misplaced my resume. She asked if I would resend, which I did, and she acknowledged receipt of the file and that the attachments opened all right. Thankfully she was willing to accept e-mail, which made for more immediacy.

I don't think they'd've bothered with going through the trouble of having me resend the thing if I weren't at least still in the running for the position. I want this job, I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it! When the position first came open, I seriously considered not applying. But situations change, priorities change, and suddenly the prospect of earning upward of forty to 44 grand a year seemed rather appealing to me. I've come full circle on this one.
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Bruce, Caroline

We Have New Computereosity

I'm now running on a new (for me) computer, with 512MB Ram and running Windows XP Pro. Woot, as FunBlindSinger would say. FS didn't come through in a timely fashion with resetting my JAWS authorizations, so I poached one from home, but will switch over once the authorization count has been reset.

I just have to figure out how to turn on Classic Menus, something I've done a zillion times on my own comptuer but can't, for the life of me, remember how I did it. Then there will be tweaks and so on as time goes by, but I've got this baby pretty much beaten into submission. Yabba dabba doo!!!
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Bruce, Caroline


The computer works as it should! How 'bout that? A few little tweaks, like adding my Outlook signature (they give us this really bad template, you see, that we have to use to conform with the new brand, this incredible new CNIB brand that everyone's apparently raving about only none of us knows anyone who is?), tweaking the braille display, and maybe setting up Word and Outlook to use the prescribed CNIB-approved fonts and contrast (what do I know about these things?), and that's it.

Can someone tell me, why is hitting control+alt+delete supposed to enhance security on login? Please, send me an e-mail if you know the answ
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