September 8th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline

Identification of Identifications, all Is Identification

Hi everyone,

As you may have vaguely gathered from my LJ posts of late, I am reading a lot of P.G. Wodehouse these days. There are some Wodehousian phrases and musical references that I'm wondering about, and I am hoping one of you geniuses (or should that be genii?) might have the answer.

1. Company's Own Water: A lot of the books, when refering to country estates, describe them as having "company's own water". Anyone know what this means? Does it simply mean that the estate has its own on-grounds source of drinking/washing water?

2. Musical References.

a. There is one instance where Wodehouse refers to "... that song of George Thingummy's out of Cuddle Up! You know the one I mean. 'Always Listen to Mother, Girls!'" Is this something real or was it made up?

B. In the same story, he refers to an Orange-Girl Number from the show at the palace. the excerpt he includes is, and I quote:

Oh, won't you something something oranges,
My something oranges,
My something oranges;
Oh, won't you something something something I forget,
Something something something tumty tumty yet: Oh-

or words to that effect.

End-quote. Again, is this real, or was it made up?

In the radio dramatization of The Inimitable Jeeves, from which these two ballads are quoted, you actually hear parts of these songs, and I was just wondering if they were real. Anyone know? Merci.
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Bruce, Caroline


Why the crap am I being jerked around like this? It's stupd. The proofreading job position at the Department of Education has been reposted! I didn't get an interview. I don't get it? What did I do to these people that warrants me not even being considered? I've got the required qualifications, ten years' experience, extensive computer and assistive technology skills, I'm not a total jerk .. ... I hope I'm not, maybe I'm just kidding myself on this last point, I don't know anymore.

Okay, as I write this, I get a letter couched in governmentese telling me, I think, that they're just starting the whole process again and my resume is still in the running. So the whole thing has to wait until at least the fifteenth, as that's when the new friggin' posting closes. Is it just me or is there somconspiracy going on to prevent me from seeing closure about anything in life! May I throw something?
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Bruce, Caroline

A Little Calmer

Okay, I've calmed down a little. I've moved past my desire to break the "Though Shalt Not Kill" commandment, and I very judiciously refrained from smashing windows here at CNIB throughout the course of the evening. In short, all physical objects in the building have remained undamaged. My morale, my ego, my heart, my sensibilities, they've all taken a beating this evening, but I acted in a calm, mature, adult way, restricting my murderous activities to my imagination. I am so proud of myself, nobody's going to have to visit me in prison. I will leave the day much as I started it, with no blot on my record as relates to the strong arm of the law. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going home pretty soon.
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