September 12th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline

Tuesday Morning

Winnipeg on a Tuesday morning,
I sit here and sip a Coke,
"Work starts soon," myself I'm warning,
"Better do it, so you're not broke!"

Allison a cold is getting,
But she must still sing today,
Nonetheless, though, I am betting,
She'll stil sing great, 'cause she's that way.

This book I'm reading is a bore
Canadian government explained,
Like the Gov. it makes me snore,
I wish I could from it refrain.

My volunteer has just shown up,
And so for now I must desist,
I'm running out of rhymes right now,
So I suppose it's just as well.
Bruce, Caroline

Made It

Made it through the regular work day, and it was rather productive, thank you for asking. I don't feel nearly as out of sorts as I did yesterday.

So it's a bit of a break, then a few hours of math crap. I hope some cute young American college student at least feels well enough to call me tonight and say hi, but that, in (as we say in French) un shell du nut, is where things stand today. Or should that be une shelle du nutte? Je ne sais pas. Oh French, you're such a beautiful language (as long as I can completely ignore it and make fun of it).

Oh, and does anyone know why friend is spelled with an i?
Bruce, Caroline

Okay, Back to Math

The building after hours,
It really isn't great,
My countenance, it glowers
While I contemplate my fate.

This math course is the essense
Of things evil, braille-related,
I really should get to it,
Far too long I have just waited.

There has to be a better way,
What 'tis, I can't imagine,
Anything would be more fun,
Even a beauty pagean'.

I wish we had no 'rithmetic,
Life then would be so grand,
So many fun things I would pick
In happiness I'd stand--

And raise my Coke can in salute
For gone are all things math,
I'm out of rhymes again, oh shoot,
Should I go ... um, Should I go ... hmmm ...
Should I go take a bath?
Bruce, Caroline

The Games that You Grew Up With

Okay, the games with which you grew up, whatever. this won't be particularly useful for the blind people among us, but for you sightlings, this might be fun. I'm not sure of their source, but if you go to the CJOB radio home page, they have a games section, and you can play all the classic video games (well, a lot of them, anyway) from the seventies and eighties. Makes me wish I could see.
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