September 14th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline

Greetings and Stuff Like That

What ho, what ho, what ho. Dashed good of you to read this, what? I mean, rallying round the computer screen to read what I have written ...

Have I been reading too much P.G. Wodehouse? Quite possibly. I don't really talk like that, let alone write like that. But this P.M. finds me in a good mood as I read "Jeeves in the Offing", Farmer sausage burgers for dinner (it's a bit late for dinner, but dinner nonetheless), then I'm expecting a call later on.

Ever start writing in your LJ, only to realize that you really have absolutely nothing to say? Well, this is the position in which I'm currently finding myself. Kind of embarrassing, really, or at least it would be if I were easily embarrassed but such things, but I'm not so it isn't.

Well, let's see, I should say something profound, now, shouldn't I? Um, hmmm, nice weather we're having. Okay, this is a bit of a moot point, since most people glued to their computer reading this stuff aren't from Winnipeg. So I'd better make this profundity more generic. Okay ... It sure is [insert appropriate adjective here] weather we're having, isn't it? I mean, I haven't experienced [ditto] weather here since the last time it was so [ditto], which was some [insert appropriate number] [insert appropriate time frame]s ago. But, one can't expect it to remain this [reinsert adjective] forever, and no doubt soon it'll be as [insert opposite of adjective] as ever, so [insert one of "take heart" or "enjoy it while you can].

And so ends my personalized LJ entry. Have a great day.