September 15th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline

Friday Friday, So Good to Me

Well, it's Friday. After a nice few hours on Skype, I'm ready to go to bed. I won't be staying late at work today, and of course I can't on Monday because of Corner Gas, which finally starts up again for its fourth season.

So today in the morning my volunteer is Gerry. I haven't seen her in quite some time, and am looking forward to working with her again. In the afternoon it's Sheila, with whom it's always a treat to work. There's a Bomber game tonight, and I'll probably listen to at least part of that loss. Kahari Jones is the guest color commentary guy, and as much as his quarterbacking sucked toward the end of his stint with the Bombers, I've always liked the guy. His wife has a beautiful voice, too.
Saturday I have nothing planned, ditto Sunday, we'll just see where life takes me. After a very difficult week, I'm really working at relying on God for my strength, and He's sure making a difference. My whole outlook has changed. The goals remain intact. it's still a rough haul, but the mountain doesn't seem as impossibly steep as it did, say, this morning.

Don't forget, Canadians. Corner Gas starts up on Monday on CTV at 8:30 Eastern, Mountain and Pacific, 7:30 Central. I've missed that show so much, and in three days, Brent, Lacey, Wanda, Oscar, Emma, Hank, Karen and Davis are back!!!!!
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Bruce, Caroline

I'm A Poet and I Didn't Realize It

Friday morning has arrived,
I at my desk am sitting,
This day should really be a blast,
I think it would be fitting.

My volunteers are all lined up,
There've been no cancelations,
The book's not great, but it's not bad,
I have high expectations.

At lunchtime Allison will try
To call me on the phone,
And if it works, oh boy, then I
Won't have to be alone!

The Bombers play tonight, yahoos,
I'll listen to the game,
It's guaranteed they'll likely lose,
If all things stay the same.

And now I must get on with work--
No paycheck if I don't,
My duties I must never shirk,
And so, I guess, I won't.
Bruce, Caroline

Live From Afghanistan

Barry Burns is senior news director at CJOB radio here in Winnipeg. He's spending some time in Afghanistan, filing reports for the network and maintaining a blog. For anyone interested in Canada's role in all this and reports from someone who's there, you can go to and read and listen to the different reports posted there.
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