September 25th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline

What Is Brucie Proofreading?

The book is Plotinus. Harvard had the nerve to publish it. Let's open it at random, shall we, and seee what this work of Greek literature tells us:

Does that which thinks itself have to be complex, in order that it may with one of its constituents contemplate the rest, and so be said to know itself, on the supposition that the absolutely simple would not be able to return to itself and the intellectual grasp of itself? Or is it possible for that which is not composite also to have an intellectual awareness of itself? For that which is said to think itself because it is composite, just because it thinks the rest with on e of its constituents, as in sense-perception we might grasp our own shape and the rest of our bodily nature, would not have true self-intellection; for it would not be the whole which was known in these circumstances, if that thing which thought the others which were with it did not also think itself, and this will be, not what we are looking for, a thing which thinks itself, but one thing thinks another. One must, then, assume that a simple thing thinks itself, and investigate as far as possible how it does so, or else one must abandon the opinion that anything really thinks itself. ...

And so on. Rivetting stuff, to be sure.
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