September 27th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline


Well, yesterday really wasn't that bad a day, all things considered. I got a lot of proofreading done, which is a good thing. Then working late, and topped off by a very pleasant hour or so on Skype ... short, as these conversations go, but most enjoyable. Have a wonderful night, everyone.
Bruce, Caroline

USB 1.1

So I've digitized the tapes that go with this stupid Nemeth course, so Sean could return the tapes. He asked me for the digital files I'd made, too, which is fine, at least they'll get put to use for someone other than me.

I have this really cool portable hard drive. It's a 160-GIG USB ghingamy, and I'm used to the way it runs on my computer at home, which has USB 2 ports. But my computer at work only has USB 1.1, so right now, as I copy these six wave files onto it, it's just craaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwling along. Reminds me of life, oddly. But at least here I get an estimated completion time. But the moral of the story: I hate USB 1.1.
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